Before your participation at the II World Coffee Producers Forum, we have selectively created a special trip to Santa Rita do Sapucaí. Located in the south of Minas Gerais, the trip will offer you the opportunity to visit century farms and learn different production processes which effect the final product in taste, quality and the tradition behind coffee production in mountains.

Our guests will go on a comprehensive tour of the farms which are all awarded the ‘Selo Mantiqueira de Minas’ seal- an indication of the coffee’s geographic roots. They will climb high altitudes to see the coffee trees where they will be able to observe the harvest process, guided by the coffee growers themselves. Our guests will also learn post-harvest processess, and finally see the big picture after tasting the delicious coffee- specially made in preparation for their arrival.

Want to delve into a unique experience in coffee world? Then come join us at Mantiqueira de Minas, a region renowned for specialty coffee that’s consumed globally.

São Sebastião Ranch – Cachoeira de Minas

São Sebastião Ranch started coffee production in Cachoeira de Minas in the 70s by Paulo Pereira da Silva and wife Mara Serafim Gomes at an altitude of between 865 and 1050 metres above sea level. After noticing market trends and the decline of traditional coffee production methods in 2003, the couple diverted its focus to commercial coffee by producing specialty mountain coffee with Mundo Novo, Yellow, Ruby, and Topaz Catuaí, as well as Yellow Catucaí varieties.

Since then, the coffee growers invested in equipment enhancement and the implementation of newer machinery for pulped cherry beans processing. In 2009, the Ranch was awarded the ranch certificate by the Certifica Minas Café, who adhere strict codes of conduct in quality, transparency and respect of rural employees and the environment.

In addition to the Mantiqueira de Minas seal, São Sebastião Ranch has won numerous awards and receives hundreds of curious tourists to learn about the coffee plantation and all production processes employed at the Ranch.

SANTA MARIA FARM– Santa Rita do Sapucaí

Santa Maria Farm’s long history with coffee started in the 20th Century in 1915 and is still considered as being one of the largest coffee producers in the Santa Rita do Sapucaí region. The knowledge, history and heritage of the Farm is a legacy that is inherited to the next generation and for the last 10 years, Dorotéia Rennó Moreira is leading the property’s management.

The plantation’s soil sustainability is a feature that’s uniquely their own. The soil quality is the result of careful irrigation, management, harvest, and even storage processes. With such rich history, there is a sense of nostalgic fondness which is reminiscent of a time when bamboo ladders were used to climb canopies which laid out a green carpet bedazzled with red beans.

The memories of this farm have manifested itself into dedication and technological investments that speak the language of specialty coffee. Historically, the farm has always had female representation in the coffee farm- nurturing the fields so that the love for coffee is translated into each cup of coffee. A century’s worth of tradition which continues being strengthened by the high coffee standards for the south of Minas Gerais.


DAY 1 (08/07)
07h00 Departure from Guarulhos Airport
10h00 Arrival at CooperRita and Coffee Break
10h15 Presentation about CooperRita
10h30 Cupping Session
12h00 Lunch
13h30 Departure to São Sebastião Ranch (Cachoeira de Minas)
14h00 Presentation of post-harvest process
17h00 Departure to Fazenda Vintém Hotel (Santa Rita)
19h00 Themed Dinner
DAY 2 (09/07)
08h00 Departure from farm-hotel in Santa Rita to Santa Maria Farm
08h30 Presentation of the farms and about the post-harvest process
12h00 Lunch
13h00 Cupping Session
16h00 Freshen up at the hotel / Coffee Break
17h00 Departure to Campinas
21h00 Arrival at Campinas

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